Toys for St. PJ’s Girls and Boys!

For many children that come to St. PJ’s in San Antonio, this will be the first Christmas they ever experience.

Begun over 125 years ago, during the cholera epidemic, St. Peter’s and St. Joseph’s home, for both boys and girls, has done profound work in the lives of orphaned, abused, and neglected children. Providing a healing, homelike, and loving atmosphere, to transition them from abusive situations, to forever homes.

Christmas is a special time at St. PJ’s, where often shattered dreams of the past, are carefully put together by the staff, and volunteers.

Christmas Trees are decorated, Gingerbread Houses are made, and presents are tucked under the tree: This may be the first gift that an eight year old calls her own.

At any given moment, St. PJ’s houses between 100 and 150 boys and girls, between the ages of Birth to 17. A significant number of children.

This holiday season, we at Vertical Events, were grateful to partner with St. PJ’s to deliver over 100 toys, to meet the needs of the home, and bring smiles to the children’s faces: Board games, cars, dolls, and building activities topped the selections.

We especially want to thank our team, our clients, and our community, for giving us the opportunity to give back, and change lives, for the better.

We look forward to this new year, and the connections to come!

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