Hygiene Essentials Drop-Off

Vertical Events and Solutions was moved and humbled, to partner with our client D.A.R.E. America, to “D.A.R.E. to KARE,” delivering a large pallet of hygiene care kits, to the San Antoio battered women and children’s shelter, through Family Violence Prevention, Inc.

Begun in 1977, in it’s nearly 50 year history, FVP, has grown from a small 3-bedroom home on the north side, to a complex caring for 220 people.

In addition to 24 hour Crisis Intervention Services, the complex contains an on-site K-12 school, medical services, dental care, and literacy programs. It is the first accredited “Batterer Intervention Program,” in San Antonio; and since it’s inception, has been the leader in family violence prevention in San Antonio, partnering with other organizations around the city, to make a greater impact.

The hygiene kits delivered also contain feminine products, something generally taken for granted, but needed.

To help, visit: https://fvps.org/

To read more about the City of San Antonio’s comprehensive plan, to minimize domestic violence, visit: https://www.sanantonio.gov/gpa/News/ArtMID/24373/ArticleID/17419/City-of-San-Antonio-Announces-Domestic-Violence-Comprehensive-Plan

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